After re-watching Psycho-Pass Episode 15th, am I the only one thinking probably Masaoka will die because of this, since he was the only one interested at the number or grenades and maybe already thinking about something in the worst of the cases???

Here’s what I thought:

1.- A big crowd is gained and Gino’s team cannot go throught because there’s too many and they cannot go and help Kougami. Unfortunately all the team would have used their grenades so there’s nothing they can do about it. Gino starts to lose it.

2.- Masaoka suddenly gets in middle so Yayoi y Gino can pass them, still when Gino is about to tell hm to do not something stupid, Masaoka reveals he had another no authorized pulse grenade with him.

3.- Gino realizes in shock and tries to stop him because since he has a steel arm (conected to his brain and nerves so otherwhise he wouldnt be able to move it I thnk) it would mean it would cause him a direct damage to his body, still Masaoka only smiles towards Gino apologizing he never was a good father for him, but he will try to help him now.

4.- Gino orders him first to stop, then asks him almost pleading, still Masaoka only tells him he’s proud of him or so and he must go and help Kougami, and then activates it.

The rest I think it can be guessed.

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